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Octagon Pre Fight 400g


  • Fast and strong stimulation
  • High concentration during training
  • High durability
  • Well oxidized muscles


AMINOPHARM Octagon Pre Fight – 400g

  • Fast and strong stimulation
  • High concentration during training
  • High durability
  • Well oxidized muscles

AMINOPHARM Octagon Pre Fight

You want to achieve agitation during training, but you are not happy with traditional means? You must try the innovative product that contains the whole complex of boosters. Octagon Pre Fight from the solid brand AMINOPHARM you will find ingredients that will help you gain energy and stimulate during training. Take advantage of the effects of caffeine, beta-alanine and tyrosine and many other ingredients that help you achieve high strength and endurance.

Caffeine powder

During the workout, you sometimes feel sharp drops in energy, you feel that your strength and endurance are not at a satisfactory level. Often you have to give up part of your training because you are unable to physically cope with the planned exercises? Do you want to achieve really good results and achieve serious successes, do you take your hobby really seriously? You should think about the right conditioner for athletes.

A good pre-workout such as Octagon Pre Fight is the basis. It will help you survive even the most intense workout, achieve the best focus and add a large dose of energy. Thanks to this measure you will achieve very satisfying results during exercise.

The stimulant effect of the drug from AMINOPHARM is primarily responsible for caffeine, thanks to which you achieve a much better concentration and concentration, you will have more strength, greater vigilance and better endurance. These properties are especially important for people practicing team sports, strength and combat, such as boxing. Caffeine primarily reduces the feeling of exercise during exercise, so you are able to intensively and exercise longer.

Citrulline malate – Dosage

However, caffeine is not the only ingredient in this valuable complex. The content of citrulline malate is involved in energy changes that take place in every cell of the body. It is a derivative of the ornithine amino acid, contributes to the neutralization of ammonia. First of all, it is used for the production of nitric oxide, which allows you to obtain the effect of the so-called muscle pump. It also works energetically and reduces the feeling of fatigue. It also helps to eliminate the acidification of the body. In one serving you will find it as much as 2000mg.

Fighting with sourdoughs also leads to another component – Beta-alanine, which also supports regeneration and works anti-catabolic. Supports the work of muscles, helps to nourish and develop them. Tyrosine supports the fight against fatigue, strengthens the overall condition of the body and reduces body fat. It takes part in the synthesis of dopamine and norepinephrine, strengthens concentration.

It is also worth paying attention to the presence of taurine, an amino acid that was discovered by isolating from bovine bile – hence its name. Its task is to inhibit catabolism in the muscles, it works anabolically, that is, it supports the building of muscle tissue, it can also help in slimming.

High quality pre-workout

In addition to the ingredients listed in the Octagon Pre Fight product from AMINOPHARM, you will also find B vitamins that help you overcome fatigue, control energy metabolism and strengthen immunity. In turn, the addition of vitamin C will provide you with protection against oxidants. Magnesium citrate will help you in the proper functioning of your muscles.

Octagon Pre Fight definitely raises the level of energy and strength. It was created for people who train sport both hobbyist and professionally. The presence of many active ingredients: taurine, caffeine, beta-alanine, citrulline or magnesium makes you very quickly feel the effects of supplementation, which will work on your body for a really long time. The producer focused on ingredients that provide greater strength and endurance and help fight fatigue. The high content of taurine and magnesium citrate is responsible for this beneficial effect. Order Octagon Pre Fight now.

Warning: Dear Customer, we would like to inform you that products can become lumpy which is a natural feature of the substances contained in them. At the same time, we would like to inform you that lumping does not affect the product’s properties.

AMINOPHARM Octagon Pre Fight – 400g

Serving size: 10g
Servings per container: 40
Packaging: 400g

Ingredients: beta alanine, citrulline malate, Tyrosine, Taurine, Caffeine, Magnesium citrate, vitamin C, vitamin B6, flavor, color, beta-carotene, betanin, sweeteners: sucralose, acesulfame-k.

Active ingredients 10g **RWS
Beta-alanine 5000mg
citrulline 2000mg
Caffeine 400mg
tyrosine 650mg
taurine 650mg
Vitamin B6 6mg 429%
Vitamin B12 6ug 240%
Vitamin C 100mg 125%
Magnesium citrate 240mg 64,50%

*** – The nutritional values given in the table may vary slightly depending on the lot. The site is constantly updated, however, it happens that we have several batches of product in stock.
** – Reference intake value for an average adult (8400 kJ / 2000 kcal)
* – Ingredients, grammage and nutritional values may vary slightly depending on the flavor variant of the product.

Note: Dear Customer, we would like to inform you that the products may become lumpy which is a natural feature of the substances contained in them.

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