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Joy Day – Sport Probio-Sip Concentrate Probiotic Drink


•    Gluten Free, No Sugar or Sweeteners
•    No Milk, Casein and Lactose
•    Product not Clarified
•    and not Pasteurized



A set of probiotic products of JOY DAY SPORT are designed for athletes and physically active people.

The “SPORT” ingredients improve the process of:
Ingestion, Strengthening and Reconstruct the Intestinal Flora
of Digestive Tract, Eliminate the Oxidative Stress Subsequent to Strenuous Exercise.

The Probiotic Products consist of complex of live and active strains of probiotic bacteria together with its beneficial metabolites compound of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, antiseptic compounds and relevant vegetable components.

Joy Day Probiotic are:
Gluten Free, No Sugar or Sweeteners,
No Milk, Casein and Lactose,
Product not Clarified
and not Pasteurized

The Probiotics are recommended:

  • to enhance immunity
  • durning chronic bloating syndrome
  • when abnormal metabolism
  • durning digestive disorders such as bloating and constipation
  • with increased susceptibility to infections
  • after strenuous exercise
  • durning recovery
  • durning and after antibiotic treatment

How to use:
10-15ml of Joy Day ( 2-3 tablespoons ) three times a day,
with 100ml of water or other drink.
Shake before use!

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Weight 500 g



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