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Lab One ProBiotic


•    30 billion live bacteria in one capsule
•    10 numerated strains with proven therapeutic effect
•    contains prebiotic, which increases the activity of probiotic bacteria, making it possible for them to multiply in the gastrointestinal tract
•    patented microencapsulation technology, which protects each bacterial cell
•    improved packaging for even better protection against external factors.



N°1 ProBiotic is a dietary supplement that has been developed under the guidance of experts, which has been clinically proven. The product is 100% safe and can be given to children over 3 years of age.

Probiotic bacteria are live organisms and thus they need food to survive. The role of food for them is performed by so-called prebiotics, which are substances that are not digested. Prebiotics increase the activity of good bacteria, helping them to grow and multiply.

probiotic + prebiotic = SYNBIOTIC

Acacia fiber, which is included in N°1 ProBiotic, performs the role of food for probiotic bacteria. It does not cause bloating, as often used inulin or fructooligosaccharides. Acacia fiber is friendly and completely safe.

The patented microencapsulation technology used in N°1 ProBiotic is a process in which probiotic strains of bacteria are covered with a tiny lipid layer that protects them. Each bacterial cell is coated with melted lipid droplets. They completely surround every single bacterium and protect it before the capsule is swallowed and while it is transported through the digestive tract.

Microencapsulation increases the resistance of probiotic microorganisms. It fully protects every bacterial cell against humidity, acidity, oxidation, pH, osmotic pressure, ensuring the following:

  • high viability of probiotic strains even in difficult conditions
  • the increased survival rate in the stomach

Thanks to the use of the latest technologies and the highest production standards, N°1 ProBiotic guarantees:

  • the viability of live bacteria while storing
  • high survival rate of live bacteria derived from 10 probiotic strains, which ensures that they reach the end of the digestive tract with the same probiotic properties

Taking N°1 ProBiotic you are sure that the bacteria the supplement contains are live!p

Probiotic bacteria are extremely sensitive to external factors. When the product is stored, the decisive factor for their viability is humidity. Therefore, to pack N°1 ProBiotic, we used high barrier film, which prevents the capsules against water vapour and oxygen much better than standard PCV film, which is usually used for blistering. The film we used provides the capsules with the most effective protection.


Ingredients The content 1 capsule
Bifidobacterium lactis BS01 18,0 x 109 CFU* (18 billion)
Bifidobacterium breve BR03 4,5 x 109 CFU* (4,5 billion)
Lactobacillus paracasei LPC00 3,0 x 109 CFU* (3,0 billion)
Lactobacillus rhamnosus LR06 1,2 x 109 CFU* (1,2 billion)
Lactobacillus plantarum LP09 1,2 x 109 CFU* (1,2 billion)
Lactobacillus casei LC03 0,6 x 109 CFU* (0,6 billion)
Lactobacillus acidophilus LA02 0,6 x 109 CFU* (0,6 billion)
Bifidobacterium bifidum BB01 0,3 x 109 CFU* (0,3 billion)
Streptococcus thermophilus YO8 0,3 x 109 CFU* (0,3 billion)
Bifidobacterium longum BL03 0,3 x 109 CFU* (0,3 billion)
Acacia fiber 50 mg

* Colony Forming Unit

Additional information

Weight 200 g

30 caps, 60 caps


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